The development of UrbnRok recycled products originated with an idea of turning waste products into a high-quality surface at the forefront of design and eco credentials.

Recycled glass was selected as the main aggregate in our product as it is readily available, has a consistent range of colours, it’s overall aesthetics and the lack of recycled alternatives.

Many binding agents were tested for use with the glass including cement. This was soon discounted due to time constraints in the manufacturing process and limits on size and patterns. Polyester resin was also tested and soon discounted as concerns regarding its hygroscopic nature, and technical issues during the curing process could not be overcome. A solvent free epoxy resin was eventually selected as it gives a high-quality finish and is compatible with the production method.

Further testing was required to formulate a pouring process for the manufacturing method with particular emphasis on a high-quality surface, and to tolerances required in this industry. We also piloted sales of the material via the internet and continually fine tuned the process while increasing awareness of the material to potential customers and the quality of installations, which today gives us the best available eco surface in the UK market.

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