Standard Colour Ranges

Luna Haze

UrbnRok Luna Haze surface

Prosecco Haze

UrbnRok Prosecco Haze surface

Platinum Haze

UrbnRok Platinum Haze surface

Savanna Haze

UrbnRok Savanna Haze surface

Desert Haze

UrbnRok Desert Haze surface

Sesame Haze

UrbnRok Sesame Haze surface

Luna Canyon

UrbnRok Luna Canyon surface

Prosecco Canyon

UrbnRok Prosecco Canyon surface

Platinum Canyon

UrbnRok Platinum Canyon surface

Savanna Canyon

UrbnRok Savanna Canyon surface

Fossil Canyon

UrbnRok Fossil Canyon surface

Nerone Canyon

UrbnRok Nerone Canyon surface

Luna Shard

UrbnRok Luna shard surface

Prosecco Shard

UrbnRok Prosecco shard surface

Platinum Shard

UrbnRok Platinum Shard surface

Savanna Shard

UrbnRok Savanna Shard surface

Graphite Shard

UrbnRok Graphite Shard surface

Ink Shard

UrbnRok Ink Shard surface

Kaleido White

UrbnRok Kaleido White surface

Kaleido Cream

UrbnRok Kaleido Cream surface

Kaleido Grey

UrbnRok Kaleido Grey surface

Kaleido Brown

UrbnRok Kaleido Brown surface

Kaleido Olive

UrbnRok Kaleido Olive surface

Kaleido Amber

UrbnRok Kaleido Amber surface

Premium Colour Ranges

Palomino Silt

UrbnRok Palomino Silt surface

Pegasus Silt

UrbnRok Pegasus Silt surface

Chestnut Silt

UrbnRok Chestnut Silt surface

Midnight Silt

UrbnRok Midnight Silt surface

Mountain Silt

UrbnRok Mountain Silt surface

Stout Silt

UrbnRok Stout Silt surface

Bespoke Colour Ranges

Although our product is already very unique in addition to our standard range we are able to produce a surface to your exact requirements, the possibilities are endless.

Get your UrbnRok surface today!

Commercial or domestic, we will answer and cater for any of your requirements.