Why use an UrbnRok recycled surface?

Our modern processing and slab manufacturing facility can produce our world leading eco product at competitive rates while employing industry leading labour and welfare standards.
The New Way

More Than 90% Recycled Content And 100% Recyclable

We source, process, and recycle aggregate to make beautiful surfaces that don’t cost the earth. We work with highly trained, committed, and valued people to ensure an excellent service and ethical product at an affordable price.

Give back to local communities

Part of our ethos is to look after the people who work with us – wherever we are in the world. We believe we best support our staff and their communities through new ways of working which guarantee fair trade practices and strong health and safety standards. We also ensure that a part of our profit goes back into communities to support local organisations working on environmental and social issues in the countries in which we operate.
UrbnRok Process
Design Features
Colour Ranges
Bespoke UrbnRok
87 per cent of quarries cause serious harm to groundwater quality.

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