Bespoke Urbnrok admin March 22, 2022

Bespoke Urbnrok

By changing the resin colour and glass mix we can create an infinite number of designs.
We can also use your own waste glass in your surface, so whether you own a bar or have a large collection of glass bottles just waiting for the right project, drop us a line for a discussion about how we can make it happen.
Resin Colour
Changing the resin colour completely changes the look of the surface. We can use any colour on the RAL chart.
Glass Colour
Standard colours include clear, brown, green and blue. We can make any colour for which glass is available.
Toughened Glass
These surfaces are very popular and clearly show the depth of the surface.
Logos and Designs
We can incorporate a company logo or other design within your surface.
Whatever you need, we can create it.

Get your UrbnRok surface today! Commercial or domestic, we will answer and cater for any of your requirements.