Design Features admin March 22, 2022

Design Features

Antibacterial Protection
During manufacturing, antimicrobial additives can be incorporated in UrbnRok surfaces. This is an integral part of the surface and cannot be washed off – so will last the lifetime of the material.
Scratch Resistant
Our surfaces are scratch resistant and easily meet with the demands of contemporary premium surfaces.
Stain Resistant
Our surfaces are non-porous, so spills and stains can simply be wiped away.
Heat Resistant
Our surfaces are heat resistant.
Impact Resistant
Our surfaces are extremely hard wearing, and a tough nut to crack. In fact, you can crack a tough nut on our surfaces without causing any damage!
Radius Corners
Our material can be gently curved, making it ideal for peninsular ends, reception desks and architectural features.
Curves & Contours
Our surfaces are not only strong and versatile, they are highly flexible too and can be bent and shaped into fluid organic designs.
Drainer Grooves
Drainer grooves can be cut into your surface.
Undermount Sinks
Sinks can be undermounted to give an uninterrupted surface.
Flush Mounted Induction
Induction hobs can be flush mounted, to give a flat continuous surface.
Perfect Edge
Standard thicknesses are 20mm or 30mm, but edges can be deeper for a more solid look. The corners are mitred and polished to form a smooth wraparound.

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