Our History admin March 18, 2022

Our History

UrbnRok started with a vision to turn waste aggregate into high-quality surfaces combining high-end design and unrivalled eco credentials.
We selected recycled glass as the main aggregate in our product because it is readily available, with a consistent range of colours and aesthetic variations. There are no real recycled alternatives.
Many binding agents were tested for use with the glass. Cement was discounted as it is slow to process and limits the size and patterns we can produce. Polyester resin is too hygroscopic and brought technical problems during the curing process. A solvent free epoxy resin was eventually selected, which has a high-quality finish and works well with the production method. We developed a pouring process for the manufacture of slab with a particularly high-quality surface and to tolerances required in the industry. We piloted sales of the material online while fine-tuning the process, launching to potential customers and while increasing awareness of the material to potential customers and continually improving quality. Today we have the best available eco surface in the UK market. NB. THIS SECTION PROOFED, BUT RECEOMMEND REPLACING ALL WITH COPY BASED ON THE BUSINESS PLAN (SEE BELOW) WHICH IS MORE CONCISE.

Through rigorous testing and development we have developed a manufacturing process for slab with a particularly high-quality surface, using the highest possible recycled content, which meets the tolerances required within this demanding industry.
Selling online, we refined our product range and launched our design and installation offer – informed by customer feedback and our environmental values.

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